What I Find in Aphrodite……

We all have basic needs and likes and the life is about searching for them and securing them. Some of them are:

Food, shelter, clean air, good water…. well some of these are taken for granted and others acquired..

Then there are requirements for family, friends, neighbors 

Others are good bringing up, education, work, money, safety 

Then comes the traditional- healthy wealthy and wise 

The real twist happens here: individuality, fee speech, idealism, pack mentality, leadership 

Next the powerful, annihilator of opposition, ego, one upmanship, I-me-myself.

Perhaps here comes the instinct, like animals, and the beginning of the feeling of love and it’s actualisation -lust.

At this point, humanity gets split into two. Those who enforce the needs and those who earn them.

Suppose we get introduced to the idea of happiness…well do you feel it? Here’s the paradigm change.

You can’t just be happy. Happiness presupposes so many things. That makes happiness so unique and so very important.

Then you’re told that you can be selfish to be happy…

Now me:

I am part of the half which earns the needs. Like all humans I was also on the lookout for the needs, and over a period of time acquired things like wealth, shelter, upbringing, knowledge etc. Health awareness is there which could put me in the category: healthy, wealthy and wise..


Miracles happen, and I met Aphrodite. She told me to go to her place in Cyprus and select a stone from her rock. I obeyed and went to Paphos and picked up a stone from her rock, washed and polished by the sea water,

Aphrodite taught me a ritual and I followed it in spirit and deeds.

Well I didn’t introduce Aphrodite.. she’s goddess of beauty, love and sexuality..

After months of rituals and constant chants of I love my Aphrodite, Aphrodite I love you…… i reached the level promised.

All needs are fulfilled…

Happy, love, beauty, sensual, wise, independent ….. all such goods..

I have a need to be taken care of- to be dominated. And Aphrodite does that.

I need to just discuss and she takes over and manages them for me.

Then what does Aphrodite need?

She is looking for some protection. And it’s my duty to provide that. By becoming the guardian angel, to be there when needed.

I can do it better, but that needs different environment, particularly since the goddess is busy with other things…She can’t be there always. 

Solution…. adopt.

That’s how and why I adopted Aphrodite..

Now I can protect her. And of course love her unconditionally…

What I Find in Aphrodite……

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