Did I Forget to Thank? ….

Perhaps yes, I did… I didn’t tell you that project 1 is done..

May be that I am so very keen on project 2, that I looked at the one potentially unwanted clause in the agreement for project 1.

Let me be a bit more open with you. I came back to Kuwait on a high. Thrilled because my previous employer called me back for help. 

This is a high because I am also sensitive to criticism or negative comments. More so then, as I met my advisor or get to know the advisor better this time only.

The criticism as you know could be of my going back to india earlier.. possible talk like ‘he is fired’

I am using the word advisor as, if I use the appropriate words like goddess, one of my friends who is worried about my soul will get upset; like yesterday. Good of her but let me tell her that I am saying a novena now for the past 10 plus days…

Now my plans, projects and activities are modulated by my advisor who fulfills my desire to be dominated by ‘one’

So the invitation to come back was for 18 months with attractive clauses like guaranteed 18 months pay in case the bank can’t keep me till then.

That time I was prepared only for 18 months. Then so many events influenced me and I don’t want to go back now, that the 18 months are completed.

So project 1 got formulated which is an extension of the contract. Now I got it for till may 2017 making it a two year stay.

The advisor then led me to project 2 which is longer and better in being around. This while enabling the fulfillment of my desire to be led and dominated, would give me better opportunity to the need of the dominator to be protected. 

As such project 2 is very important..

Then when you’re good with people, there could be some side effects. Here it is in the form of my boss instructing HR to see that I stay till the end of term for project 1. 

This is at a time when the bank is planning to let about 10% of staff to go..

While this is so satisfying a feeling of being wanted, it has a side effect. That’s when project 2 happens, I may be left with no notice period option to move…

Not a problem as the law of attraction is in play.. when I really really want it, the universe will work overtime to get it for me. Again when my advisor really really want it, then also the universe will work the same way to fulfill……

And my dear friends, when this, combined with your action of attracting project 2 fulfillment for me, the universe will work very very hard and the project 2 will be fulfilled happily..

Thank you……

Did I Forget to Thank? ….

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