Small Things Again 

Office starts early and my desire to be first in office is still maintained. It actually started when I was bank branch manager, very very early in my career. 

Bank branches in interior Kerala resembled a cloth store or a provision store, when closed and shutters are down.

And you must have seen the owner proprietor diligently arriving early and opening the shutters as he doesn’t want any employee coming early and waiting for the store to open. See the point 

That means I have to go to sleep relatively early while Sunu takes a while longer to join.

Day before, early morning I was disturbed with noise of her typing into the mobile. I didn’t think too much about it and tried to get back to sleep muttering ‘nale pallikkudam ond’ (tomorrow I have school)

Morning I look for my messages and find this from her delivered at 12.35 early in the morning. I keep my phone silent at night and didn’t hear it coming.

She wrote “kutta, is it okay if I go for the wedding in Uparika? Only if it’s ok for you”

I was okay earlier but she didn’t think it necessary to go from Kuwait then.

So I hurriedly booked her tickets. We had taken a stand that we should be traveling business going forward, but she was adamant that this trip is exceptional and accepted only economy ticket which was an off season bargain of KD 74.500

Her reasons for going (for making me comfortable)

  1. Can check out my favorite home 
  2. Exchange the Rs. 20000 black money 
  3. Transport a chandelier for Uparika that she bought 
  4. Surprise the wedding crowd 
  5. Participate in the sumptuous meals for the ‘mathuram vepp’ dinner, wedding lunch and reception dinner. Especially when the wedding is in the casino group (CGHEARTH) family and the reception at the most expensive Brunton Boatyard.

Valid of course 

Dropped her off and got back all in half an hour as new security process at kuwait airport bans any accompanying visitors 

Met the most favorite family and received a compliment (as a result of wearing a slim fit trouser which was on discount in NEXT)

Then entered whatsapp family group 

Started with sunu forwarding 

Led to a message galore in most amusing Hindi typed in English, with Anu, Nisha, roby, Sunu and me participating.

Then it was time for Sunu to board the plane . And I can read her mind “hmm, see how happy he is when I leave”

Really 😜. 

More happy as the mangoes I sent were liked.


Small Things Again 

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