Money Matters …

Perhaps this is a time when you’re not sure which side is right and where to look at when you’re interested to know.

Signals are confusing and the option of remaining silent is not appropriate and one has to take a stand when you’re a man.

For taking a stand, you need to know certain things. There’s no luxury of relying on any expert as all of them seem to be influenced by personal situations.

That’s when you need to rely on your instincts.

Demonitisation is a bold step. But will fail when you don’t plan the execution.

It will fail when, in spite of all good intentions,  you are not smarter than the one you’re trying to catch.

You tend to get massive support, as average person is just jealous of the guy with black and white and has gone up far ahead. So they will put up with extreme suffering to see your tormentor behind bars.

Imagine when your sleep is affected further with the same tormentors cash in further as your leaders are less smart.

The worst fear may come true.

Government could have got upto 50% of black as taxes if a scheme of such penalty based deposit was announced. Instead there are touts taking them at 30 to 40 percent discount and using their unemployed army to deposit at 2.5 lacs each.

Coming back to us and options 

Deposit rates are coming down, a threat to passive savers 

Loan rates will come down. Good one for small borrowers as well as big ones.

Corporate profits may soar which makes equity investment attractive 

Property as investment may become less attractive in the short term. 

GDP is predicted to grow slower. Will this result in lower job creation?

Difficult times, I think. 

That’s when you have taken additional wealth creation responsibility.

But when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

The show begins with added vigor.

Money Matters …

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