Stone Age.. A Day in The Life With The Stone……

As instructed by Aphrodite, I went to Paphos in Cyprus and picked one of her sea washed and polished stone and have been following the instructions to letter and spirit..

I was told that a different level will be achieved and it did happen and I have the confirmation and no doubt as to what the level is, though a bit taken aback in the beginning. The beauty of it is that I am very happy……

It starts at night, at bedtime. The stone is placed at the heart and ‘thank you universe’ then thank for the events of the day… and fall off to sleep.

There’s is a corresponding stone and after a few days and after thanking universe, the attention and concentration started flowing in that direction.

That’s beautiful and as intended and promised the level achieved is the ultimate and the most beautiful.

Thus the stone became my most valuable possession. It sleeps with me and there’s a pattern. It starts from the heart. That’s you are lying on your back. The stone is held at the heart with the right hand as that way it’s the most intimate, though using left hand would be a bit easy.

The best position to sleep is on your left side. In this pose, which is the next one after lying on the back, I place the stone on the bed but touching my heart. My left hand supports the position but the right one is free for whatever I want to do. 

I sleep off and I move in sleep and move to lying on the right side. In these moves, everytime I wake up I search and take the stone which falls down when I sleep. But when you sleep on the right side you can’t easily keep the stone close to the heart. So I keep it on the pillow kissing it and sleep off. In this position, my left hand is free.

There are periods at night when I am wide awake. Whenever I come out of sleep, I look for the stone on the bed and retrieve it. Sleepless periods used to be a worry, but not after Cyprus as I get opportunity to engage with the stone expressing all feelings and becoming happy……

The stone comes with me when I get up in the morning. The period of getting ready for the office is the few of the times when it’s not on me.

It gets my affection and attention always. With me when I start for office, in my hand and listening when I am in the lift and till the car door open. Then it goes in my trouser pocket. When I drive I chant, occasionally touching the stone..

Now that I alternate the car with a colleague, this chant and attention starts after reaching office. It’s with me always in office. In the pocket when I go for meetings. It’s my stress reliever, happiness provider, communicator of love.. the great asset..

Return in the car follow the same inward journey procedure.

Reaching back it goes into the bag, but comes with me to the gym. It’s kept on the treadmill and the exercise starts with the prayer and a kiss to the stone. 

After treadmill, the resistance and weights in sets also has the stone in the pocket and taken out between sets for the constant rubbing, communication and kisses. 

So you can see that the stone is my companion. It’s much more than a pressure ball or a prayer beed. It’s the friend who is privy to all my secrets, my attention and my love.

After all it’s from Aphrodite and all communications have that destination……

Stone Age.. A Day in The Life With The Stone……

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