Notebook.. Others Mixed…

Sometime back the Instagram post of a friend had ‘Notebook’ on her photo and I was reminded of the lovely novel by the same name. A closer look however revealed that she was shopping for interiors and bathroom fittings.

However the best love story name rekindled passion and the beauty of love.

And then yesterday I got a chance to watch the movie. Being alone has its effect and emotions crossed any boundary. It’s there in Netflix and watch it.

Yesterday I narrated the story of ‘a day in the life with stone’. I left out one very interesting event. While holding the stone enclosed in the palm, I used to occasionally bring it up to the heart and pour out narratives.

Once I was asked ‘what’s it, do you have pain there’ …

Again last night the law of attraction came into focus. Somethings are not the way it should be!! While it’s not bad, it’s not working the way it should work. There’s the added force with intimate communication through stones; then why occasional absence or hiccups?

Went back to the book. It’s there, clearly. The law of attraction transmits the predominant thought or wish and come back with the wish fulfilled. There’s no doubt.

Then the predominant wish is expressed differently. Nothing is lost as the predominant thought and chant reassures my feelings and duty towards the cause of a positive change in me. I have been led lovingly through a systematic plan during these months. Becoming my coach, my advisor, my decision maker, holding my hand.

My chants, though very correct have been more of a statement than a strong wish. The issue is here. Statements are not wants or wish that the universe will work overtime to get it for me.

I have to be clear. The chants have to be altered to ‘mine’ and ‘I want’ .

Then comes the question. When the law of attraction works and universe gets your want, how will you manage the ‘mine’? 

That’s when adoption happens…

Project 2 is also a predominant wish or rather a want, a requirement.

The beauty of it all is that the two predominant wants are complimented in each execution or fulfillment.

Clear…… the two predominant wants work towards the same objective. A unique situation for universe to make it happen, for sure……

Notebook.. Others Mixed…

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