Black & White……

I am a believer of black & white when it comes to communication and recording thoughts. Also, in spite of developments like kindle, i still go for prints for reading books and articles..

Though the mobile phone revolution has made access to people for a phone conversation easy and in many cases free. That’s the cost of a phone conversation is demonitised..

That’s not the only reason… sometimes the recipient of a call may not be free when you call. Sometimes they are not free or having the required privacy to engage in a very personal conversation..

That’s why I always write. This has also evolved, from inland letter forms to enclosed envelopes to emails to messages and now the one and only whatsapp..

There could be new developments coming in the future, but for now I am very happy and content with whatsapp. Of course the writing part of it- the black and white..

I can talk freely, personal and intimate ones and those in the group. If you want to keep group private but get your access to all, then I use broadcast groups. When anyone in the group respond, it’s seen by me only. This is important for me to respect the privacy of the recipients.

And I also make it a habit to systematically and in some cases invariably, delete the conversation as nobody need to see special relationship. And when it’s special, the conversation is etched in your heart and mind, so erase and save space for tomorrow.

But when you don’t get the expected response, you may become sad. That’s also a beautiful thing to have in an intimate relationship. It’s okay as you know it’s not going to go away, but destined to grow fonder only.

Interestingly we are wrestling with another type of black and white. This is on black money.

My home state Kerala has a unique situation. Many of us NRI’s have only the white money. But most of us end up converting part of this into black money. 

The reason is not the high taxes which is the usual one of the reasons. There’s no tax for us. But if you want to buy a property, which we do, in 90% or cases you have to show only a percentage of the total price as the deal price to be registered. Unwittingly we end up converting our pure white money into black. 

Of course there’s a saving on registration fee which may get offset if the deal is for investment and where you have to pay capital gains when you sell.

Personally I have been lucky to be able to pay in full accounted money for my investments. Of course I didn’t go through those builders who have the under invoicing habit and I didn’t do any second sale deeds.

I can see some innocent people having to sit on a pile of black defunct notes as they have just concluded a property deal and do not have the wherewithal to convert to white like the crooks in the game..

Hopefully these anomalies will get sorted out, people need not have to consider converting their hard earned and accounted money for buying the property of choice.

And I am here, waiting hopefully for a black and white message……

Black & White……

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