Yesterday was Special 

A very special day indeed for me. I could speak to all my family members yesterday.

First I got the call when I was in the office. In fact I was restless as there were no responses from this family member for my previous whatsapp messages and enquirers. That is one of the reasons to make this call the sweetest.. made me very happy ……

Sunu in India was getting ready to come back and there were messages of instructions and a call when I was in gym.

After gym I went to EEDY shop to get prepared for Sunu’s arrival and bought the essentials. Though Gulf Mart is nearer, it’s a bit disorganized and never gives a happy shopping experience.  EEDY on the other hand is one of the best examples of customer focus. The crowd in EEDY is a few times the gulf mart, but the people there observe shoppers and when they find anyone confused (typical profile of me) they come to the rescue.

By the way I had my half sweater as it looked wintery. Took a selfie and sent to family members except the one who called at noon time. But maaan, I was sweating.

Came back and spoke to other family members including grandchildren. A very entertaining talk indeed.

Then the busy one. She gave time which was actually past my bedtime as I have pallikkudam the following morning. But worth the wait to complete the family coverage in speaking to everyone in the family.

I am happy 😊☺️❤️️😍😘

Yesterday was Special 

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