I came to office earlier than usual as my friend with whom I have a code sharing arrangement had some other errand. So I am one among the first in the office.

Then this message from a friend on whatsapp group with moral like… spend maximum time with loved ones, take care of them as we will not be there forever…

Driving alone I had similar thoughts. The one about relationship. We say strong foundations are made on rocks. I have this one made on rock (Aphrodite’s) and that made me reach out for the stone in the pocket..

Combined with the law of attraction, the repeat of statements of predominant wants. ….. …… etc 

On relationship and family, one of them is interested in investing in Bangalore. And I have been trying to be of assistance.

Yesterday there was a mail from a promoter about some developed land at a low price and I thought the risk is worth taking and any development around would make the return grow many folds. 

Then I took a closer look. The land is too far away from Bangalore and may not be suitable.

Better to work on a plan to have her inherit at least an acre of my land near Bangalore. It’s much nearer to the city with growth potential. Its a parcel of land and I need to work out how it can be divided and assigned without creating complications after I am gone. But something to work on……

So it’s a responsibility to make the life easier for your loved ones after you are gone.

A very loving thought ……


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