Marriage, Divorce & Children

A recent remarriage of a filmy couple in Kerala is making headlines. The word remarriage is not appropriate, I know that, but i am using it for a purpose..

The ones who got married now were in love earlier and before both of them were married to anyone. But probably they thought of playing a game, and the guy married another actress.

Gossip columns say that he kept his love alive. Don’t read me wrong, I mean love to the one who he didn’t marry. 

That apparently resulted in frictions in married life 

Then the theme item happened in the meantime. A daughter was borne.

But remember, we are talking about filmy people and emotions of us humans don’t matter.

The unmarried actress got married. The lover’s wife attended the marriage functions with the daughter and must have felt safe. But the guy reportedly got into depression.

Then the filmy couple get divorced. Not many even thought about the daughter.

The first love girl who got married before that, got divorced in record time.

Naturally rumors spread of their love again.

And then all of a sudden the first mentioned love materialized into marriage. It was okay if that was done in camera like filmy weddings.

But they chose a public platform and got the daughter painted as the match maker..

Fatal error. It just boomeranged. The new couple overnight got ejected from the gossiping minds of the fans. Outrage and accusation which is not sparing in what would be an innocent daughter. The fall girl (the first wife) is the only one standing.

I know mine is a poor story telling. But I have some points and concerns..

Is love bad? And when you are struck with love, is it mandatory that you take possession? I know platonic love has no meaning but can’t the love remain without taking possession?

What about kids in the circumstances? Why can’t true love exist in minds? Why should it break marriages when the focus of couple’s responsibility shifts when a child is borne etc etc 

I know I am sounding stupid but I don’t think possession is mandatory. Love can remain. After all it’s a question of how you manage keeping your loved one in focus without upsetting anything.

This will go down as the worst of my posts… but I may have a point……

Marriage, Divorce & Children

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