Relationships & Children…

Here I am talking about love relationship and where the lovers have children. Again the recent marriage of cine artists in Kerala comes into focus. The actor involved in the episode has a teenaged daughter and her role in the recent marriage is in the minds of many people, rather than the love triangle itself.

Is she taking a stand voluntarily or was she forced is a concern to many. Luckily the public seems to be giving her the benefit of doubt, which is not good for the married couple..

But my question is: can there be a different solution? Apparently the couple who got married now were in love before the guy married another actress who must have been more famous at that time.

Throughout that marriage of nearly 15 years, the gossip columns were alive with the stories of first love growing as well.

Then, couldn’t there be an alternative. Somethings like someone told me once about a meaningful relationship outside marriage.

Can pure love get carried on without either party disrupting any existing relationship especially when children are involved? Is possession compulsory in a relationship? 

My answers are all clear. like, love can happen and grow without upsetting existing arrangements. Sometimes it’s hard, then any hardship or compromise is for the children also and that’s a duty.

Possession is not compulsory. Try meaningful relationship outside marriage..

Am I old fashioned and an idiot. Perhaps yes, perhaps no. 

My view, and perhaps it could save a lot of things.. 

I am anyway telling the stone and I have full confidence in the wisdom of my Aphrodite ……

Relationships & Children…

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