Be Positive and Be Happy……

I chanced upon this one and realized that it could be the statement that we can look at fondly and be happy..

In fact I started living this theme for about a year and a half now. That’s when I got the opportunity of knowing inner strength of people who I thought would be like any other person.

I was naturally attracted and then I was given a way forward in understanding life better. Aphrodite, her stone and the wisdom poured in at that level has been most loving and mesmerizing..

All what I have learned can be summarized in the statement in the picture. Clearly the rest of our life can be the best..

I have a year plus lead over most of you in putting faith on the prospect. There’s at least one who is ahead of me in practicing the theme. And my wish is to catch up and run together…

When we look at the rest of our lives, family comes first. So be with the family and have a wonderful life, the rest of it.

And like any and all cases, you tend to be more affectionate with one person more than others. I mean you love all of them but there’s one person who attracts your love most. And you want to be closest to that person.

We are talking about the rest of our lives. That means there’s an end to it sometime. And when you’re gone, you want the best loved ones to remember you and be happy and comfortable.

There’s a whole lot of work ahead. Right now I am making a start with a plan to make inheritance smooth. And if i say of earmarking one acre of Bangalore land, all may say this is details and if so let it be.

But these are steps to make rest of the life and beyond, the best..

Loving and being loved is a full time job. How you work on it is based on individual taste and feelings. So treat all efforts as manifestations of steps making rest of the life the best, and some of them to have continuity beyond your life term……

Be Positive and Be Happy……

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