People Have Started Leaving…

I lost one of my classmates yesterday. He was a very quiet and loving person, and knew and scored better than me in our M.Sc Physics Class..

A streak of genius was displayed when he was at the lab. He seemed to have better knowledge on the electronic structures while I was struggling to understand the relevance of learning all those things.

He chose to be a farmer after the studies and I remember his describing how he had developed a significant nutmeg plantation.

Apparently he kept his love for what goes inside an electronic gadget, alive and was good in repairing complicated things such as a TV for friends.

He then started a coaching class, teaching skills such as TV repair.

Strangely he didn’t enjoy social media and as such I could have only bare minimum interactions with him.

Then I learned that he was struggling with acute diabetes and now succumbed to the deadly disease.

May his soul Rest In Peace and I pray for the family to give them the strength to bear the loss.

That reminds me on the need to look at the glucose reading more carefully. Though it’s within ‘the good control’ reading for me, it’s mostly aided by medicine. A friend suggested yoga which I hope I will start.

And on a serious note, I used the glucose meter to test the reading for a family member recently. The test, I realized later, was not accurate as the blood sample was not sufficient for the strip. 

I asked her yesterday for a test again but she was reluctant as it was after dinner where we had mangoes and pudding.

But I must get this test for her done soon to reconfirm that she is alright.

A top priority to protect the loved ……

People Have Started Leaving…

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