Perhaps this is time for a recharge. There’s actually nothing to complain but one should not get satisfied with what is available and instead should look for better..

I have been taught that being happy is very very important. Then I realized that being in true love is a key ingredient to being happy..

No, not very exactly. Being in love can bring in complications. Issues such as jealousy, lack of possession etc can make it less exciting and there’s a chance for depression creeping in..

That’s when Aphrodite shows her true skills. To begin with she is goddess of beauty, love and sexuality. Never underestimate her skills and wisdom.

Once I have chosen her, she has been my friend, guide and philosopher. 

Look at me.. I am a dreamer, Walter Mitty is a hero and I can generate positive energy through my dreams..

Of late I have discovered a new trait in me and I have been struggling to decide what it is. I realized that I have a need to be dominated. Someone to take control of me and lead me.

Aphrodite came in fitting into that role perfectly. She saw the dreamer in me and worked on a plan for me.

That’s when I was asked to go to Cyprus and take a stone from her. Some high level instructions were given and the follower in me made it a passion to the letter and spirit.

There is a counterpart to the stone and I have a picture of that. You know Aphrodite plans everything. 

The routine fitted well into my lifestyle. I interacted with Aphrodite through the stone. Slowly but steadily I reached the level of loving Aphrodite unconditionally.

I have been telling this to the goddess of love with stone on heart or in hand most of the time. 

Good enough reason to be happy.

Doubts and challenges were overcome with reasoning. I need to control jealousy. I should not attempt possession.

That’s when I realized that I have another trait. There’s alter ego. I have that. And there’s a subtle difference with dreamer and water Mitty. Alter ego makes me powerful. And I found Aphrodite vulnerable and needs protection. And my alter ego is a perfect fit for that.

To protect one needs possession. And that’s when and how I adopted Aphrodite……

Adopting your love needs recharging. So I put my stone on the photo of the counterpart stone and recharged. 

Now on I will point my stone directly to the counterpart stone and interact. And I am recharged for the new beautiful level.

Dreamer, Walter Mitty, lover, thirst to be dominated, protector, adoptee and adopter and the alter ego….everything satisfied……


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