Happy Experience…

There are certain things which make an experience happier compared to something similar in apparent relativity.

Last night I had the perfect example of the statement above.

When I make this statement, it’s after considerable thought and deliberations as it’s a big statement 

I want to put on record that I had my best ever restaurant experience last night.

It was a dinner invitation from the close friend as her employer company was inviting staff family and friends for a meal at the exclusive place to be opened shortly. It’s actually the ‘training day’ for the restaurant staff where they do the dress rehearsal in preparation of the opening to the public.

This was labanese cuisine and the place ‘Babel’ is apparently the most authentic and popular name for labanese food.

The ‘mezze’platter flowed one after the other and we were treated to the best of the category ever tasted.

Yes food was one thing..

The ambience was simply awesome. Service delightful, friendly faces glided between the table, the man in charge looked serious and unperturbed; but the person of the evening- the training manager looked calm, smiling an angelic smile and looked an angel.

We had a very happy conversation among ourselves and with the staff and analysed and appreciated the food of presentation, quality and taste.

Back in the car, after eating to capacity but feeling light, I thanked the hostess, mentioning great food and ambiance and she added- and the company. Priceless.

I was very happy through to bed, completed the routine with the recharged stone (by the way the stone was in my pocket through the dinner) and had a peaceful sleep.

Got up early, with some concern and anxiety. All because I am to test blood glucose level. I didn’t spare any sweet item and even mentioned that I will not test in the morning.

The customary 8 hours fasting was not there and I had only 7 and half hours and I decided to blame it for the apparent bad reading 

But it read 114.!!!

What could be the reason?

To be in good company can be the reason!

Being extremely happy reduces sugar levels?

Hummus, muttabel etc can reduce glucose level?

Happy Experience…

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