Puratchi Thalaivi…

That’s Ammu turned Amma for millions. She has been an Enigma in a positive way. Beautiful, confident and intelligent Amma conquered hearts in her own way.

Modern day Robin Hood in many respects. Perhaps it was deliberate on the intelligent Thalaivi to prefer Lincoln Green for her sarees. 

Most loved and feared, she had the masses with her. The passion and devotion has been taken to such heights that the authorities were afraid of announcing the death.

A friend reminded me that she had qualities similar to Indira Gandhi. And while Indira was not loved for possessing those qualities, Jayalalitha managed to use it to conquer mind and heart.

I become an admirer when I watched the ‘BBC Hardtalk’ where the best india based hardtalker Karan Thappar was systematically demolished.

Thalaivi used intelligence, composure, confidence and a woman’s ultimate weapon ‘tears’ in doing that. If anyone wants to see the clip again, ask me and I will send it.

Adieu to the leader who left behind the legacy and no successor..

Puratchi Thalaivi…

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