What a Wonderful Thought.. The Rest of Your Life Can be the Best of Your Life……

I have been always amused seeing people rolling the, what is called pressure ball and squeezing it in their palms. In fact one of my bosses presented one to me, but i didn’t take it seriously.. 

I have been known an optimist, an adjective I still posses.  But that’s not enough.

Yesterday my coach gave me a feedback that I am negative. I value my coach’s opinion so so much that I need to consider it seriously.

Knowing the coach too well by now, I know that it’s a positive feedback for me to consider. The beauty is that my Coach has given me all the ammunition to battle any drawbacks.

That’s why I am delving into a comparison between the pressure ball and my stone. Ever since my Aphrodite directed me to the secret of the stone, I am a different person. I used to be a daydreamer, Walter Mitty and my alter ego could do any wonderful thing..

But the introduction of the stone changed all that. Now I know dreams can come true. I know the power of the ‘Law of Attraction’. And most important Aphrodite has given the script and showed me the corresponding stone of her’s that I should turn to.

That’s what I am doing now. Now I can ask for guidance on anything. Though I appear tough, wise and daring, I need one person to surrender to, thus satisfying my desire to be guided… let me put it correctly.. dominated..

I got the best possible.. the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. I can reach out to her anytime through her stone. The stone is my most constant companion. Right now it’s on my left hand. Was in the pocket when I was driving. In the bed with me and comes to the gym. Stays on the treadmill when I am on it, moving along with the run. Comes into my shorts pocket when I am on weight and resistance training. In between sessions, I take it out and chant ‘I want project 2, I love Aphrodite.

The reason is simple. I am going to achieve project 2 with support and help from Aphrodite. Project 2 will facilitate my commitment of being guardian angel to Aphrodite and protect her.

Now, some confusion in project 2 is making me a little wavery. And perhaps this change must have prompted coach to give the ‘negative’ verdict.

I must get back to the book. Universe will work overtime and give you what you want. The predominant thought is your want. Project 2 is a route to satisfy this predominant want… to be with the loved ……

So project 2 is flexible as long as the objective is in focus.

Making rest of life the best is through these important wants. Best is when you are with the loved ones. So do everything to be there.

Use the stone for assertion and when in doubt put the stone on the heart and reach the corresponding stone and seek..

How to be happy 

True love as the most important requirement to be happy 

Is soulmate anyone? Conclusion.. no.. that’s your love.

Should love underscores possession… possession is desirable but disruption avoidable..

Then… adopt ……

See the pressure ball is no comparison. Stone has answers… go for it.

And tell coach… yes, I will change. I will be positive. PROMISE ……

What a Wonderful Thought.. The Rest of Your Life Can be the Best of Your Life……

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