Reverse Scenes……

I have been writing hypothetically about scenarios in a dreamers life, taking him through several life scenes…

Findings include meeting Aphrodite, getting her stone, agreement on corresponding stone, coaching, that happiness is important and can be selfish to be happy, love, soulmates, true love, soulmate has to be the loved, whether the possession is must in love, dislodging to be avoided, instead adopt…

When you adopt, the adopted become family..

Then consider a reverse scenario.

If family, say that. That means tell Aphrodite that she is family……


That means 

She was adopted 

No dislodging current situation 

No possession 

Love her wholeheartedly 

Soulmate is lover


Daily interaction through stones 

Chants. I love you. Aphrodite I love you 

Stone in possession always, in bed, in pocket 

Stone from Aphrodite in Cyprus 

Aphrodite picking stone in island 



Mentor becoming mentee

Eye contact, attraction 

Coming back 


Casual aquintace 

Hope I got the order right. But the long and short of it is that I told Aphrodite she’s family. Now all the responsibilities. Protect, be guardian angel, love unconditionally. Recharge stone. Be with. Get project 2

And live happily ever after… and beyond ❤️️😍😘

Reverse Scenes……

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