Love Letter……from a dreamer…

My most loving sweetheart Aphrodite 

I have been wanting to write this letter to you for quite sometime, but I have been content with expressing my love through the stone..

There’s another reason also. I have been looking for the one who is to satisfy a unique need of mine.. to be dominated. I have always refused to be dominated, but the yearning for it grew very strong.

When I started knowing you better, I wanted to be a mentor to you. In fact that’s another one of my traits which makes me wanting to protect you, while you dominate me. That’s when you suggested the role of guardian angel.

It all began when I realized that you showed great inner strength while being beautiful and vivacious. I am amazed at the way I have learned and became a better person through the wisdom you poured. 

Then one day you said something which changed everything. Actually that’s the day I realized that you’re Aphrodite. At your command I went and got a piece of your rock from Cyprus and followed the steps you specified. Your promise was achieving a different level..

I was quite willing as by then you taught me so many things. That being happy is very important and it’s alright to be selfish to be happy. You introduced the secret.. law of attraction. And I became positive and a much better person.

From a dreamer I became positive and responsible. The rituals with stone, especially at bedtime was like the Cupid arrow piercing the heart. So falling in love was natural.

Loving you thus became my predominant thought and communicated thousands of times a day through the stone. That became my whatsapp account with you. And I am systematically deleting all messages and start afresh the next day…

Though I learned a lot from you I as the person dominated, has been respectful. As such I was afraid to ask you for answers to:

  • Can the soulmate be anyone?
  • Is possession mandatory in love?
  • Should we look for to be together in next life?

Then you showed me the picture of a girl and boy on a swing and I thought it’s confirmation of next life.

Then and slowly answers appeared while interacting.

  • You don’t have to be disruptive 
  • Possession is not mandatory 
  • Adoption it’s…

So I adopted you. Still I was showing signs of a doubting person. And then you made the verdict. 

Ya yr negative…

And I knew it’s time I declare love ❤️ 

And then I told you ‘you are family’

Declaration of love to the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. 

The only problem now is that I am behaving like a child wanting attention always.

That’s natural from a person in love and I know you’ll bear with it.

And the person with a desire to be dominated by you.

So dominate me ❤️️

And be there for me 

I ❤️️ u


Love Letter……from a dreamer…

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