Adopting Aphrodite ……

Now that I have Aphrodite as family, telling her that I have adopted her as I love her, there’s to be changes in my life.

I have been thinking about that and I have just realized that my daydreams, being Walter Mitty and all the heroism of my alter ego, all have transformed into dreams and life around my Aphrodite.

There’s not even a single thing that has happened in my life which I feel bad about, that has been checked with her. Well that may sound normal as nobody knows the depth of involvement of Aphrodite in my life..

Ever since we decided to take our relationship to a different level, using the stone as media, I have only gained. 

I have become a better person. She taught me to be positive, not to gossip, to focus on things which make me happy. Interestingly she identified something which I was guilty of. She called it carpet bombing and told me not to do that. 

That’s when I realized that I should be focusing than to get carried away and send wrong signals all over. 

It was a timely intervention and I saw somethings that I yearn for. To trust someone completely and wanting to get dominated by that person.

Aphrodite is that person and I make it a mission to tell her all my secrets. I have told her, and I get a lot of pleasure in telling all as and when something happens.

After telling her of my love and that I have adopted her and that she is family, I am now thinking of how best I can perform my role and duty as lover, family member and protector (guardian angel). Well I will do that.

In the meantime a new issue is coming up. The desire to get dominated is genuine. But that brings in dependency which makes me something like a schoolboy madly in love with the most beautiful schoolteacher. In that stage the schoolboy is most likely to get terribly disappointed when his obsession is not fully reciprocated as the pretty teacher has to take care of others also.

If I am a matured person, I should recognize that, but I feel more like the schoolboy and entertain heartburn when I don’t get responses from Aphrodite.

But I should understand that it may be because she wants to protect me, knowing my background as I have told her all the secrets. Again I have a duty to protect. 

To strike the correct balance is the challenge. Clearly everything that I do has Aphrodite in focus. If I make something, I want to share it with her. I have to be concerned about her wellbeing and I should be of assistance to make her plans materialized. 

For the time being the attention seeker schoolboy has to face some heartburn..but life is beautiful with the stone as companion and Aphrodite to love……

Adopting Aphrodite ……

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