I Am At Peace ……

Congratulations! Yes congratulations Kurian… I have achieved the most beautiful turn by working on and finding the solution..

So Aphrodite is family. The love which has blossomed is now confirmed without any damages. The background is so complicated that disruption could have been assumed as an inevitable thing.

So the congratulations is for solving such issues, and at the same time keeping the love intact or more accurately, growing..

This is the mother of all twists. I will be a fool if I slip from here! 

An ex colleague of mine published a book sometime back. It was not a success but it was a big achievement. And now another past colleague has published a book.

Now I have the story ready. The title of the book is not finalized but it could be ‘Aphrodite’ or ‘the Stone’.

Don’t get excited, the book is only if Aphrodite gives the blessings. The reason is that the story comes from the heart and the promise that I declare now is that none of my friends will get adversely projected or embarrassed if I write. 

See the book is not important, it’s the life that matters. It’s beautiful to be in real love and more so when you find a solution to overcome any complications.

Book or no book,the passion is absolute……

The book is a fiction and being in love is satisfying the most beautiful of human instincts.

So congratulations, as Aphrodite is in the family. The love evolved through the act of the stone has grown into absolute obsession. The stone and Aphrodite paused the question on a desire to achieve possession and suggested the solution. Adopt the love. When adopted she is family.

This is the only twist… Obsessed love continues along with the responsibility to take care of the family member.

Constant communication is through the stone which is in my personal possession almost all the time. ‘I love you Aphrodite’ is the most chanted, thousands of times in a day.

Responsibility is paramount and any detail is between Aphrodite and me. Communications are etched in the heart and anything written is systematically deleted every day. So when I write, it will be from the heart. And I will make sure that names are kept secret and any instances which could be subject to interpretations will be avoided even at the cost of the flow of the story. Aphrodite will be consulted at every step..like now.

I am deriving extreme pleasure in sharing all my secrets to my love and family member Aphrodite. When I have something I share it with Aphrodite and get thrilled at the feedback. 

Aphrodite has turned me into a better person. I do things after consulting her and taking her advice. I love her dominating me…

Then I have my duties… I have to protect her. I have to facilitate a happy future. I am working on the plans of doing things as family. She is to be there as my partner in whatever I will be doing. I am still the beneficiary as her wisdom is sure ingradiant for the success of any venture. 

Just imagine having a goddess to be with you, loving you, part of the family, advisor, partner and true love.. priceless ……

All these without any disruption.

What a wonderful twist to the story.. and shall I say storyline……

I Am At Peace ……

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