Want to be Happy.. Scientists Say You Should…

What a turnaround!!! Happy is the theme today..

It’s a turnaround because I was upset yesterday. I was trying to contact a friend to tell her something and which had a big complement in it. Seeing only one tick on whatsapp I thought she must have been traveling and finding FB posts from her,  copied the message on messenger.

She was of course thrilled by the compliment but with a laughing 😀emoji said ‘I have blocked you on whatsapp as your messages were a lill too much’

She was a member of my broadcast group ‘cooking Exotica ‘ where I share my adventure into healthy cooking. Of course there’s some showing off also, in addition to my desire to propagate the good habit of avoiding processed and adulterated food. And I haven’t sent any personal messages to her.

I felt bad and the egoistic me replied saying that I will take steps to avoid such insults.

Actually I felt humiliated. Agree, I had a little too much to post over the long weekend. And I will reduce quantity.

And a little boy who I am very fond of was sick and I was praying for him in one of my rare prayers. The temperature dropped and I was thinking that the parents of the boy, again my favorites, would be upset.

Then in the morning when I was about to get into the car, I saw them waving at me happily.

The first step in the turnaround..

I have been holding Aphrodite stone in my hand and I listened to her telling me again that being happy is the important.

And in the office when I opened the phone, there is an offer from Harvard Health for their publication with the title I am using for this blog. After writing this blog I will be subscribing to the publication and as usual I will discuss it with my Aphrodite to get her wisdom on it.

See I don’t have anything that is giving me happiness, that is not checked and agreed with my love Aphrodite.

In fact the very act of her domination of me gives me happiness..

That’s why Aphrodite is the source of my storyline. She has given access to her through the stone. 

By the way a friend of mine is upset that my soul is in danger of worshipping the goddess. And let me put it straight.. I call Aphrodite goddess with the small g to signify that she is not Goddess to worship in that status but goddess to worship as in true human love ❤️.

I hope that put matters straight. The fact that the stone is taken from the rock of the Greek Goddess in Cyprus and used in a very meaningful human love is totally unique. Thus it’s a fantastic storyline.

And a story is at it’s best when brought in and experienced in real life. But real life is full of complications… and if we find a way to manage these complications, we will be happy.

And happy we must be….

So love Aphrodite wholeheartedly, and since possession has problems, adopt… 

And when you adopt, Aphrodite becomes family. And remember you love, live and work for the family..

Some of the little big things to be happy…

Ingradiant of a good storyline. Too precious to let go…

Happy to hold on 😘😘😘

Want to be Happy.. Scientists Say You Should…

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