Promises to Keep……

I am to say that there has not been a single view (forget about likes or comments) on my blog site for the past 5 days. I do hope that you’re reading my posts on the email. Only if you view them inside the WordPress site I get the view recorded..

Now about the promises: 

When you view the post, I get one view recorded but I won’t know who viewed 

And when you like then I get the view as well as a like recorded. Here I get to know who liked and it will make me happy. However no one else will know who liked as the name is seen only to me and others will see ‘one person liked’.

If however, you post a comment, then I get the comment recorded as additional and I also can see the person who commented. Others logging into my site also can read and know who commented.

Now I have given an indication that I may write a book as the dreams and wishes expressed here are worth consolidating into a book.

But the promise here is that I will not do anything that gives away any names unless you expressly state that you want to be part of it.

But then the main characters are taken. For one Aphrodite is there. And since she’s my love, I am to be there.

Again to keep the promise of confidentiality, the Greek Goddess is brought is as the goddess and my love. 

There’s another reason also. When I tasted true love for the first time, I realized a real urge to be dominated by my love. Who else can do that other than the beautiful Aphrodite.

See I didn’t select Venus who most of you must be more familiar with. I want it to be different and more genuine. I am lucky in the selection as Aphrodite could send me to her rock in Cyprus and ask me to collect a stone from her.

And i followed what she prescribed with a promise that together we would achieve a different level.

I followed the script to the letter and spirit and i am here truly and madly in love with Aphrodite. 

I have no secrets from her. Any and each one of my actions are after consulting her and gaining in her wisdom.

She taught me many things and I have benefited immensely. 

The stone is with me even now. The constant chant of ‘Aphrodite I love you’ is while rubbing the stone or with the stone in my pocket or in bed with me.

As such this dreamer lover has submitted to the domination of the goddess Aphrodite and feel very very happy..

Storyline is to be perfected with actions in real life …..

Aphrodite I ❤️️ you……😘😘😘

Promises to Keep……

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