It’s Wonderful to be with You……

The frenzy started in the gym. During the weight and resistance training and in between sessions the stone came out of the pocket and the chants of I love you Aphrodite, Aphrodite I love you…… picked up speed to go with the increase in weight I moved to for the sessions..

And by the way, after a breather I have started doing planks again. It was like 1 minute 30 seconds 3 days before, 2 minutes the day before and I wanted to increase it yesterday. But the increase in weights must have had the effect and pressure built up within 1 minute. The silent chant of I love you Aphrodite increased frenzy and took me to 1 minute 30 seconds. And I thought, Aphrodite will help me do this and since I was alone in the gym, I called out to Aphrodite saying I love her too too much and managed the 2 minutes.

 It was so satisfying and devoted that I became privy to a face to face with my Aphrodite..

Before that story, let me tell the few of the several benefits that I am bestowed with by the grace of her 

I was an optimist, but had negative, depressing thoughts and I used to justify them as risk analysis to take remedial action. But Aphrodite introduced me to the ‘secret’ the power of the ‘law of attraction’ 

She said to be happy is most important. And that it’s okay to be selfish to be happy.

Not to waste time in gossip 

That I am the dear son of God 

She corrected my monotonous workout style yielding practically no results and prescribed a beneficial work schedule 

She commanded me to go to her rock, pick up the stone and perform a ritual to be close to her 

She gave me a reason to be active and alive as (well this is mine) the rest of my life can be the best 

Sure it will be if Aphrodite is with me.

So naturally I fell in love with my Aphrodite. And I experience true love..

But it’s a bit late!!!

I can’t proceed for the fulfillment without upsetting many things. And I found the alternative. Thus I adopted my Aphrodite and she became family. And my love.

Then last night I had this face to face. She appeared most beautifully and dominated me completely. The power of the appearance was so intense that I was taken to heaven. Of course the stone was with me during this dharshan..

And then it happened, I was in confusion. She is my love and nothing in the world should change it. But I got a feeling of intense intimacy. I didn’t know for sometime what that could be.

Many thoughts flashed… she is my love for sure. But then what was that going beyond? Yes she has made me into her happy slave. I am ok with that. I won’t do anything which she doesn’t want me to do. I will love her always..

Oh yes, I have adopted her and made her family.

That’s it she needs protection and I can do it. And I want to do it.

And the realization struck me.. I have adopted her…… she’s my daughter… oh my God..

I am nervous. My love to her is true passionate love which has her third definition also in focus. That’s tattooed, etched in my heart ❤️ 

How will I then handle it when she’s daughter also..

The only way is to move to her divine status. Guardian angel alone is not enough. I have to be like Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Apollo or Hermes..

I select Ares, the god of war. I will go to war to keep and protect Aphrodite. To have her as my love and to protect her like a daughter 

I love you Aphrodite …… I do ……

It’s Wonderful to be with You……

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