First Signs of Disgust……

The story so far has been true to what it should be in a love story. That’s when I upped the ante and suggested that I could become a Greek god and selected Ares, the god of war. This way I thought I could be closer to a one on one level with goddess Aphrodite…

I also thought that it’s the best way to assume the self assigned role of protector.

Probably the mistake is in my getting confused with the identities as a beautiful encounter made me trip off the cliff. An attempt to describe the relationship as pure love, protector, slave of Aphrodite, counterpart god, father-daughter confusion etc made me wavering. It all could have been summed up by a statement that Aphrodite looked most lovely and bright.

Instead I stuttered and stammered, unable to muster courage to say what I felt at that particular moment. Even the stone could not help me on it… giving the doubt if the counterpart stone is been abandoned. I don’t want to think of bad things and I have to stay positive..

I am okay getting admonished by Aphrodite as I want her to dominate me. But I have to rewrite the story line to continue with it.

The accepted fact is that the ‘family’ part is safe. My moves will be along the same lines. Aphrodite used the word disgust while admonishing me. And now I have to be careful to ensure that she would never find another occasion to use the word.

Good enough reason to lose sleep last night. Taking care of family members, providing support whenever required and planning smooth inheritance are normal responsibilities.

The difficult part is defining the relationship. I have done so many things in my young years. I was not focused and refused to be tied with a single relationship. You know the type who is keeping count of number of relationships rather than the quality of it 

And now, during the last sleepless night I knew that I am experiencing true love for the first time. And you all have told me that one can’t forget the first love..

That’s it, the story has to continue with love. Then love is blind, there’s no rules in love, and love means never having to say you are sorry.

The best thing you can do when you are matured is to make sure that nobody is hurt and to remove disgust completely.

It then could become a one sided true love affair..

That’s when I am bringing my story back into the dreamer’s world where I am a six degree black belt..

First Signs of Disgust……

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