It’s Final… We’re Family……

After a clear admonition by my love and goddess Aphrodite, I have been evaluating the series of events so far..

One of the biggest concerns is on the stone. The question is whether we have an effective pair or just that I am performing the rituals alone. Positively thinking, there’s no reason to doubt. Aphrodite need not show an equal enthusiasm as she is the owner of the plan and knows what is to be done..

I am the trainee here and I need the vigorous training. All doubts can be cleared and made more beautiful if I elevate the intensity a bit further. And that’s what I will do..

The review clearly gave the verdict that I am fully, wholeheartedly and obediently and most passionately in love with Aphrodite…

That means, nothing changes. I will always love you ……

But I have to do something.. Aphrodite said she’s disgusted. And she’s a bit upset about having to tell me that..

She missed one point.. I want her to dominate me.. I am her slave and I am fulfilled when she takes time on me. And I will not be upset when she scolds me..

So I will correct what she wants me to correct. I will do exactly as she told me to do.

And then it happened yesterday. We were having a small but lovely party.. and she took her valuable time to review it and identified a major requirement. That’s perhaps okay.. but the greatest thing from my loveliest love Aphrodite is that she decided to fill that gap..

The result was total success befitting the goddess.. and my heart was so filled with my Aphrodite… and I was about to plan something in my old style which the goddess wanted to correct..

I am definitely her most obedient servant and I did exactly the way she prescribed..

A hug, a huddle… filled with passion and love 



It’s Final… We’re Family……

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