Even Knowing Aphrodite is Priceless ……

I should be ashamed of thinking to divert the storyline to a tragedy zone, when I should know that having known Aphrodite for such a short time and benefited from that, is already priceless..

Any thing from here will also be priceless 

Simply put, after being Aphrodite’s disciple and trained by her, I have become a totally different person. Like in the list:

– Aphrodite changed the way I think, to think positively 

– Introduced me to the wisdom of ancient secret 

– Told me the power of the law of attraction 

– That universe will work and give you your positive thoughts when it’s your predominant wish.

– That being happy is important and that it’s ok to be selfish to be happy 

– She gave me positive feedback 

– Stop gossip, stop carpet bombing and be focused etc etc 

– Changed my workout schedule which gave me positive results compared to the years of doing it wrongly 

– Guided me through life situations 

– And most important, chose me for the stone ritual .

Then it’s natural that I fell in love with her. Remember I never experienced true love before. But by then It became a bit too late.

So adoption, inclusion to family, being prepared to be even to treat her as daughter , because I love her way too much.

But I don’t have the right to embarrass Aphrodite. I should be careful. 

The storyline is now in that direction. A family hug is done.

Now just follow her, be totally submissive, love her more, silently 

Try and communicate through the stone.

For I have to gain much more. I will be careful not to embarrass and get admonished. Never give an occasion to make her feel disgusted.

Love her more, but without causing annoyance. Be there for her as protector, lover, elder and even as father.

Even Knowing Aphrodite is Priceless ……

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