Keep Writing in a Bid to Relieve the Pain ……

I am going through the twist of all times which has the substance to make the storyline interesting..

However the difficulty is that the joy and pain are to be experienced before it can be used in any story.

I have experienced immense joy and satisfaction after getting close to Aphrodite and becoming her favorite person.

When I say favorite person, it includes lover, protector, family member and in an extremely intimate scenario- father. That’s Aphrodite can be my daughter if she chooses.

While giving all these flexibilities some things are embedded and will remain forever. For one  the stone of her rock as my most important possession. Then that she’s my first true love which is forever.

I have complete trust in her and I have no secret that she doesn’t know. With the result I have been working to stay closer to her.

And then the twist. I have been a bit indiscreet and got carried away which made Aphrodite to express disgust. I apologized and tried to correct the mistake pointed out. But my concern for her wellbeing made me to focus too much attention which irritated her.

I have a personal weakness. Getting blocked on whatsapp is the worst offense anyone can do to me. For some reason Aphrodite blocked me. And I am devastated.

I can stop the overloading of communication, if necessary completely if Aphrodite wants it. Tell me that and unblock me. It’s a matter of prestige.

If that doesn’t happen I am still helpless. I will continue the stone and consider as family, if necessary as father. But if unblocking is refused, I will have to take steps to disappear from the scene, broken hearted. 

A story is the best when it’s true. And the balance is in if I get unblocked or not. If not I will bow devastated, with shame and with total irreparable damage to my pride.

Not a blackmail, but statement of truth. I may not even use the unblocked one unless for emergencies, but my pride is dependent on that….

Keep Writing in a Bid to Relieve the Pain ……

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