Orphaned ……

I have been active with a broadcast group titled ‘Cooking Exotica & Fitness’ where I send photos and descriptions of items that I make, confining to the purity and authenticity of such adventures.

The idea is also to communicate to my friends that we can have healthy unadulterated items made as part of our passion. I may also admit that the group broadcast is a little bit of a show-off. 

I admit that I have been getting fewer and fewer responses or comments. But the rude shock came when one of the contacts in the group blocked me on whatsapp. I found this out when I was sending a communication other than the broadcast. I was told that my posts were too much and hence blocked. I had to tell that I will do something to avoid such INSULTS.

I had problems with this contact earlier and I was accused of carpet bombing. After that I was sending only group broadcast and any direct messages were on career and assistance etc. which I have done to so many of my friends..

Now I suspect that I am subject to another blocking on whatsapp. This is not confirmed as I have not send any messages for sometime but I will find out when I start work in the morning. 

I hope this is not happening as it’s a difficult thing to accept as I have been planning several things to secure the career and future.

If broadcast messages and other communications predominantly with the aim to be of assistance is treated as intolerable, that could cause a serious dent to my confidence and conviction that at the end of the day I am a nice guy..

Then the saying will come true ‘nice guys finish last’

I do hope that a blocking will not happen or if an externally influenced action was taken, it will be corrected by the time I get to send a message.

If I find it blocked, then I take it that it’s the end of all I have worked on so far and the group may not see any more of my exploits. That’s the easy part.

The feeling of being branded as a bad guy will destroy me as I don’t believe that while nice guys finish last, bad guys should finish ahead.

I have shown absolute trust and if it’s not reciprocated ‘orphaned’ is the easiest of the feelings..

Lost sleep thinking about it… afraid of the worst fear of abandonment coming true and having to bring all passions, plans and acts of taking care of people to an abrupt end and to get back to home ORPHANED ……

Orphaned ……

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