Writing to Ease Grief 

The Harvard Health publication announcement has come at the right time. Usually I scan through the highlights and go for the purchase at a discounted cost of $18 for the PDF download. 

However since I am totally devastated at the grossly unexpected block I could straight away manage to test the research finding that writing is a good method to ease grief and loss. 

I could not write many times as I was in prolonged meetings.

I am yet to see if it works. Is there a challenge that the person who is creating the agony and loss of face is made to see the writings.

And since I can’t believe that the blocking is possible from the person, I also have to test to see if it’s a deliberate one or even if the blocking is actually done.

I can’t believe it’s done, never, but I am afraid to ask because if it’s true then I won’t know how to handle.

So I keep writing in the hope that the mistake will be recognized and corrected. I can leave the account without any activity if that’s the requirement, but just can’t take a conscious action taken to block me.

It’s extreme sorrow, unhappiness, loss of faith, lose of the very idea of trust 

Again if messages are too much I can reduce or even refrain, but personally I can’t take the blocking ……

See how the storyline has changed… completely.

Writing to Ease Grief 

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