Difficult Time ……

When we plan things, nice people plan in such a way that the planning benefits others who you’re good with. When you’re very nice, then you may plan in such a way that people who are not good with you but connected to those dear to you are also taken care of. This is in spite of the saying that ‘nice people finish last’.

In most planning scenarios, there usually is a support system to be with you.

And within this support system, there could be one who you trust completely. When you trust someone completely, you won’t have any secrets from the trusted. You open up completely.

And you plan things. When both are nice people, the interest of those around the two people are also taken into account in the planning.

Suddenly if there’s an item where there could be a difference of opinion from one of the parties, then the jointly planned projects could come under stress. 

That means there’s absolute confusion. For example projects are planned which is intended to protect the other party if the plan materializes. When the party moves away, should the project be abandoned? There’s huge benefit for both parties and as such the major stakeholder should continue with the project even if the second party moves out. Especially when the first party is very keen on the welfare of the second 

That’s okay, but what about the crucial support requirement? The second party has moved out and the first party is not sure how to proceed. Should he continue with the project or move on to others like Mango project?

If only a small action by the second party is possible, it can be put back with guarantees benefiting both.

Wait, but how long?

Difficult Time ……

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