Make No Mistake ……

There’s no compromise of any sort when it comes to our Flag and National Anthem. Respect and be decent and be proud of what you’re doing when you behave appropriately in front of both. 

Standing in attention when the Anthem is played is the minimum that a citizen should do. Best if you can sing along.

One may belong to a political party or opposed to some or even when someone is a real thinker, writer, radical; none of these are excuses for being different.

It may not be necessary for the National Anthem to be played often, but when you hear one in a public place, stand up. You’ll anyway do that when in another country.

Strict action should be taken if anyone deliberately show disrespect to the flag or National Anthem. 

The only worse thing is when a citizen compromises the security of the country and pass on confidential information to an enemy country.

Have some self respect and be proud of your country, its flag and National Anthem.

Shame on those who are different…

Make No Mistake ……

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