The Book… In the Bucket List 

A book, yes … now it’s in the bucket list..

Like in the movie, money is involved here also. That is, I will have to assemble something out of the blogs and assemble one which then get published at least on the net and possibly in hard copy by a publisher who will be willing to do it when all expenses are paid including a margin.

There may be somethings from earlier posts but probably it will be mostly out of the future jottings of real life experiences.

As I said there are three are takeaways from the previous. The dreamer element which now is not Walter Mitty but Aphrodite.

Then the stone. Well it’s from Aphrodite rock but now is my consultant companion, guide and keeper of all secrets.

There’s then this huge requirement of unlocking. Precious things are blocked. Though it will not be used again, which is a promise, unblocking is the single most important requirement to escape from a huge insult. Let it be the Christmas gift ……

So the book is in the bucket list.

Nobody will be harmed. It will be nice. Promise ……

The Book… In the Bucket List 

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