Short List…… & Bucket List..

The idea of bucket list and the time to complete it should ideally be about 20 years or more. Then to facilitate that long period, there’s a need for a ‘short list’ and a ‘medium term list’.

Short list is live today and clearly 2016 has days to go. The year so far has been one of the most beautiful or perhaps the happiest. And now it’s Christmas time which is followed by the Boxing Day.

Christmas has focus on Santa and presents. The best Santa ever is done but presents are yet to be done. Perhaps traveling to India and controls on gold and diamonds have impact on the presents to the dearest.

Then it’s present for me. I have some ideas as to what I should wish for, but I may have to work on it and wait. Perhaps this is an opportunity to ask for something which can be done at the press of a finger. There’s a blocking done as a result of carpet bombing with stuff like cooking, coconut oil and others. But the impact on me is humiliation/ insult or both. So unblocking is Christmas Present for me. And now that I know, there will not be any more carpet bombing.

So the stone will only hear the wish of unblock, days and nights. 

Medium term, I should work harder for the well being of family and close friends. The projects wherever I get the required support will have to be implemented. This include project 2 and Mango project. Others possible are joint plans on getting involved in the digitizations of Indian economy and investment needs of family members.

Well some inheritance planning? Of course, and link it to some in the medium term plan. 

Then the bucket list, which has two items already.

What about New Years resolution. Getting fit as one, of course. Right now I am doing okay, with 4 kgs off and having the motivation. I must thank my young coach for changing my workout schedule and make this happen.

Then as a follower, I naturally do not want to do better than my Coach, especially when she is much younger. I don’t have the authority to coach the coach, but I have given some tips and coach please do well. My success is linked.

A few more resolutions that I need to work on. But for now the most important is the Christmas Present of unblocking ……

Short List…… & Bucket List..

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