The Book …… In The Bucket List……

This is not an easy item in the bucket list, but it can be a beautiful one. 

The best theme for a book is love. There’s an increase of crime stories mainly with an eye on a movie, but at the end of it all, love story is what gives life to people- for those who live in it and for those who read them.

And the best way to get the inspiration and passion in writing is through experiencing true love.

That’s easy said than done. Consider my personal circumstance, I can only do that in dreams. And I am good at that. 

It’s said that when two people look at each other for 8.25 seconds, they fall in love. Don’t get excited, this has to happen naturally, you can’t plan, time it and do it.

Then sometimes dreams come true. When that happens there could be so many collateral damages. It may not be worth it after all..

Now think about this. Live the true love affair alone. Live it lifelike and life size. After all this is the first true love of you. And the first love is forever.

That’s how it will be. One person’s true love and dreams to be the love story.

The Christmas Present may come. No, correction; it will and it should come. But I won’t even open to check if it’s done.

I know it in the dreams ……

The Book …… In The Bucket List……

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