A Good Way to Continue to be in Love ……

I won’t say it’s the best way, but it’s certainly a good way to carry on, when you find real love and you just can’t carry on due to a multitude of reasons..

The method is good to take care of admonition and expression of disgust and things like slamming of doors to you.

You just need one thing! You just need to know that your love is there. That belief is everything. Saying in Malayalam ‘vishwasam Alle Ellam’.

This is good enough for the faint hearted. Then think about a dreamer and believer like me!! 

Don’t forget the most important thing here, that I have something special with me. I don’t want you guessing! Perhaps you have guessed it right. The STONE ……

This is Aphrodite’s own, ordered by her and taken from her own rock.

The stone is hearing my constant chants of ‘I love you ……

And when the stone is kept on the heart, the heart gets filled with the pure love that I am experiencing first time and for that matter the love for ever.

Everything is not fine. I have to build a flashback for my book. I have to do it in such a way that the identities are kept secret in all respects.

But the stone is forcing me to carry on from here. That’s the dilemma!!

The stone is saying ‘I am sending your messages now across the ocean and delivered constantly and I am returning the same to you’

Good enough. Thank you. This way nothing is upset. Your love is safe and pure and understood and reciprocated. The hurdles remain but the story only progresses with added vigor. 

Two characters who plays the villain role in trying to create rift are identified and will be watched..

But for them this ‘Merry Christmas’ would have been direct. But it’s fine..

The only problem is that I am stuck in the current state with a heart full of love to my beloved, but unable to get right into the childhood for the start of the book. Perhaps I can look at a chapter on current with the next flashback……

By the way I am too afraid to check if the Christmas Present has arrived.. i may not check, but it must be there.. anyway it will not be used..but will cure an insult……

And for now, it’s Christmas 

A Good Way to Continue to be in Love ……

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