The Stone Connection ……

When Aphrodite led me onto her place in Cyprus and gave me a stone from her rock, a corresponding one was shown for direct communication. This stone connection is surely going to be in the forefront in the coming years and beyond..

A lot of divine powers are explained as the accumulation of the devotion and mind power of the devotees. 

My stone doesn’t have the luxury of thousands of minds converging, but it certainly has the totally concentrated strong and definitive attention from me. As such, when I look at it and touch it, I can see the strength and power it has been enjoying with me. It listens, it stores any secret and the only thing my stone does is to convey everything to the corresponding stone, while giving me the assurance and strength.

I have the photo of the corresponding stone in my photo library. It is much more beautiful and totally attractive and I am sure my stone, much like me, is in love..

So you can see the role the stone is going to play in the book.

I was invoking the law of attraction to resolve one big issue where I am meted out with what i call the big insult……

I had a desired date for it’s correction which was yesterday. I had even offered my assurance of not using it again but requested revoking to spare from the insult. By the way I didn’t even check if it was revoked as I am not to use it.

Then going through the fine points of the law of attraction, a surprise came up. The universe doesn’t process negatives. Well then my predominant want and thought has been unblocking. Is there a negative connotation here. Probably universe discarding the negative ‘un’ in the unblock and keep processing block. Oh my……

So I have changed my thought to ‘connect’ and now it will work.

The stone also is hearing connect.

A good catch at the right time ……

The Stone Connection ……

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