Support Systems ……

Now that we’re about to look into the year 2017 and beyond, the subject probably comes into sharp focus.

And it’s time to show the maturity in taking the happy moments of the past along, discarding any baggage that better be left behind.

This is natural as we’re in an era when the ‘Secret’ is made known to us. And the law of attraction specifies that the negatives are invariably ignored by the universe when it works to fulfill the predominant thoughts or wishes of those who invoke the law.

For example I have amended my need, wish and predominant thought from unblock to connect……

And the most important to look forward is the support system.. both ways. One primary objective is to be in a position to support the loved ones and get supported in return.

Then there’s the immediate family and extended family. Experience has shown to me that family is the strongest word in a relationship. You are blessed when you have a family. There are people who are not married, without siblings and in cases where the parents are no more. They still can have family. Here the word adoption is appropriate, but not the only solution.

Sometimes people fall in love when people get obsessed with the goodness of another. Natural thing is to progress it towards marriage. But there can be pure love, just because the people deserve to be loved. And at the same time the traditional progression to be together is not practical, impossible or is totally disruptive.

That’s when we use intelligence and look at it differently. Love is an expression of intimacy. It can be as a friend, family member, a person who is reason for major positive changes in you. It’s not that you love your lover only.

Then it’s reciprocal. If the other person is embarrassed or want you to be silent, be that. That’s the support.

But the support system is important. Family is important. Families together can form pillars of support system. You can have own children and you can mentally adopt a loved one as a child. Then you can perform the support responsibility better.

In any which way the support infrastructure is key going forward. And it’s important that we take care of individual wishes. That could include changes in communication. You don’t have to communicate always while taking care of a person. And you can expect continued support back, even if you are not on the face always.

Sacrifices are needed when you are looking at long term, mutual and beneficial support structure.

Sounds like a good new year plan ……

Support Systems ……

2 thoughts on “Support Systems ……

  1. Did you get the Christmas gift or still trying? The one whom you are concentrating ,has not seen your lamentation s, i hope in trusting the apphrodite and the stone, after all they are not …………..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, the law of attraction is on positive things. Negativity has no place there. If you think negative then the law of attraction will process it as your need and brings more such things. Just try positivity as your predominant thought and see the results.
      No kidding 😜


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