Be Positive…… All is Well..

That’s correct, the support system is important for us all. I am quite thrilled that I got a fair number of views on my site when I wrote on the support system yesterday. Thank you for that.

I thought many have left us for my apparent madness during the past few days. The good thing about that would be ‘the Bucket List’ where I have two entries so far 

1. To have a holiday together 

2. To write a book 

And again the unwritten requirements include about 20 to 25 healthy years before I hit the bucket.

This is where the support echo system is sharply in focus. The clear intention is to make the rest of our lives, the best of our lives. The good news is that it’s possible.

As such the New Years resolution and beyond will have each one of you figuring in it. There’s interesting plans to facilitate you and your children experience nature the way I was fortunate to enjoy it during my childhood. You will see how fortunate I was to have a total rugged but envious childhood, closest to nature, in the book which is most likely to come out. PRICELESS ……
I mentioned that I will take three things out of the apparent (not to me) madness, with me. Aphrodite and Stone will be the focus for the book and the third requirement I am invoking through the law of attraction.

With a long term bucket list, I won’t have a very specific New Years resolution, but will resolve to do everything to keep the friendship group intact and possibly together on projects like Mango planting, healthy lifestyle avoiding poison from bought items, get-togethers, picnic and holidays etc etc 

Then the family, adopted and extended…

I am also looking forward to receive the benefits of being guided and loved.

Especially by the young coach, who has changed my lifestyle, workout style and shared some amazing wisdom focusing on happiness and love  ……

Be Positive…… All is Well..

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