Well, Not Exactly…… Need to Build the Support System Further..

I was encouraged by a decent show of support with a fair number of views to my last but one post.. but was short lived when my last post was ignored.

I need to build the support. The year 2016 has been good, very very good, but for the temporary loss of a great support. I will do everything to make it temporary including invoking the power of the law of attraction.

This apart I have the bucket list started and the additional things being carried forward to fulfill the bucket list requirement of a book or otherwise are Aphrodite and her stone.

While thinking about the book, my childhood is coming into focus. Interestingly the immediate reaction is towards the kids of the present generation. Yesterday we were talking to friends of ours whose grandchildren are in town on holidays and they were taken to ‘Kidzania’. And that they enjoyed it.

That took me to my childhood and the realization that modern kids simply are not fortunate to have such a blessed childhood.

Interestingly a whatsapp post came which is a satire on New Years resolution. The message says that the efforts on doing things to live longer is all about living old age longer. The contents were mentioned as saying of ‘Swami Unknownanand’. To that my response is “Eating fruits direct from tree, catching live fish with bare hands, free style wrestling and swimming in rapids will bring childhood back. – Album… ‘Men to Boyz’

This then is a plan. While planning ultra high density Mango planting, virgin coconut oil, eco friendly activities and living and family picnics etc, I can take a lead in reliving my childhood with the modern day kids on their holidays. 

In fact my wife says that I am like Robinson Crusoe, when I go to my native place and all kids follow me with greatest interest when I recreate childhood. 

Well, then it’s a plan.

We can become ‘Men to Boyz and Women to Gals’ and the kids get to love and experience nature.

Stay with me…. and I must get those left, back……

Well, Not Exactly…… Need to Build the Support System Further..

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