A Year That is ……

2016 is coming to an end. What an Year it’s for me! I can summarize it all just by saying it’s the second innings. And as we have heard the best players saying ‘everything in it taken as a new one and handled accordingly’. Saying that the past need not necessarily influence the present.

Well reflecting- at this crossroads, we can look at taking the best out of past, present and future……

For me, this all have a wonderful effect. 2016 has been just beautiful.

As a start, I have my blog group. The most striking feature of it is that I have a group of people who I believe are seeing what I am writing. A few of you have been kind enough to let me know that you have seen what I am writing by allowing a ‘view’ registered while keeping the identity secret. A few of you have liked and commented letting me know of it.

Every time I write and press ‘post’ I feel very happy, for I am a dreamer and I can dream and be with you reading what I write..

Dreamer then got the best of Dream tools, the stones of Aphrodite and more correctly Aphrodite and stones. The right way to dream forever.

The blog group, and I would do everything to carry us together. Just a minute, let me welcome the newest member who will receive this as the first blog. 

And the other things I got in 2016 ……

I got a young coach and her coaching changed the way I work-out with immense benefits. The coach introduced me to the beautiful world of being positive, happy and a better person.

To ‘the secret’ ‘law of attraction’ etc etc 

And remember, I am a dreamer. And you can’t control the dreams. And the most beautiful dream is when you love. And I dreamed and realized that I found true love, the first time..

A dreamer can work in many ways. Actually the love is true, but too late for the dreamer. Adjustments required, then it became complicated. Dreams are complicated and thus born the concept of adoption and positioning as daughter.

Then daughters have the most profound influence and freedom. And it happened .. the liberal use of anger, admonition, disgust and blocking. It’s all temporary, a daughter is special.

Then it’s all dreams. The best way to utilize dreams is to write a book, dreaming.

That’s when the change happens. Past becomes relevant, present is in it and future gives the climax.

So ‘to write a book’ gets in the bucket list.

‘To have a holiday together’ is already there.

All the rest are New Years resolution and the most important item is to be friends and grow it to achieve beautiful experiences.

There are many more which we know and which will evolve.

Like Mango plans, healthy cooking and eating, get-togthers, picnic, visits, international travel etc 

Let’s stay together 

Happy New Year……

A Year That is ……

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