Happy New Year……

Happy New Year. We have all wished each other and some of us have the sad feeling of not being able to wish dear ones.
It’s important that we don’t carry any baggage from the past. This year we are going to work together to make it the best.

The first objective then is to make the rest of our lives, the best of our lives. 

I said not carry forward the baggage. However there are more of good memories and feelings to be brought forward. Some of us have true love to be cherished. There’s something about true love. It’s forever. Setbacks have no permanent place in it. So it’s there and if not visible now , it will return.

Otherwise efforts are required for us to grow on the friendship. When all of our aim is to be happy, we end up doing things to make us happy.

Borders doesn’t matter, the world has shrunk and we can be at the beck and call of anyone when the friendship is real. And we are talking about real friendship.

And if there’s a need to forgive do that. I for one got a feeling that a couple of people were responsible for an embarrassing situation that I am in. But if I read my own statement above, there’s nothing lost and when something is true and pure, it will return with more vigor. Of course we need to make changes to be decent.

So I had the immaturity of being cut off with those who I suspected are responsible for my loss. They could still be, but when my mind is pure and clear nothing can contaminate it.

As such I am going to resume my mode of support by simple things such as marking a ‘like’ to social media posts and making comments. I would say sorry if they have observed my brief absence on their sites. 

And I will pay little more attention to see if I can write a book.

As such I admire a blog post which says ‘page 1/365’

I will be back there with a ‘like’

That’s all in the support system……


Happy New Year……

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