Serendipity, Bucket List, it’s all there……

A family friend got the lead actress role in a Malayalam movie. We were in Kerala till a few days to go for the release of the movie and the lead actress friend had visited us in our home in Uparika Malika.

And we were waiting for the movie to come to kuwait and it did this week. And we went and saw the movie yesterday.

Surprise, surprise, I liked the movie a lot. It’s all about bucket list with liberal doses of serendipity. Just imagine, at a time when I am getting into my own bucket list.

Interesting thing for me is that one item in my bucket list is to write a book. And when you see yourself as a writer, many things become natural to you. The main thing is that you stop becoming wary of what others think of you.

That is ‘bindas’ mildly put it. Once you become bindas many things become natural to you. You get the courage to do things you want to do.

But then when you’re a nice person, you still become conscious as to not to hurt people. And I want to continue to be a nice person.

Right now I am in a state that my best friend has a problem with me. The analytical me is identifying two common friends as possible causes of this state of affairs. The natural reaction is to be angry at their role in creating doubts in the best friend that I am not sincere.

I have the law of attraction to get back my friend. But I must have done something wrong when I shut the two common friends out. The one thing with law of attraction is that it doesn’t process negatives.

So be bindas and welcome them. Like their posts, comment and spend time on their activities. I must get my friend back, for sure.

These are part of the story for the book or real life situations, well I don’t want to disrupt the suspense.

So, true love is eternal. It can’t be shut out and when you’re truly and surely in love, you only can make adjustments but never stop loving.

Adjustments!! What type of adjustments the readers will receive? Go and take possession of the loved? Love silently? Change the status and love as daughter. And when she’s daughter, you need to plan inheritance! Is there plans made for inheritance?

The story has to evolve around these themes. The underlying fact is that, this is the first true love and first love is forever. 

Then what about the hecklers. For the sake of law of attraction, I am encouraging them. One of them can still say that she is getting my love overtures and make my true love upset. The other can continue forwarding these posts to others and try and get more sanctions like blocking enforced. 

But I am a ‘would be writer’ and the theme is a love story.

Moreover I am a dreamer, and I have Aphrodite and her stone to turn to always. Aphrodite knows all my secrets as I trust her completely. 

Other things are that I have an interesting childhood which modern day families would like to read of.

So mixing my life story with my dream story, I should pull off a readable book.

It’s only one item in the bucket list ……

Serendipity, Bucket List, it’s all there……

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