Challenges/ Clarifications……

I really don’t know if you guys are reading my posts. Assuming that some of you are reading from the emails, I am giving the following details:-

I have the item of writing a book in the bucket list. And this will be for the sake of the list and I know I will have to pay to get it into a book.

Though the story is likely to be from life experiences and the dreams in the posts here, I promise that I will keep personal identities not to resemble anyone identifiable . This is a big commitment from me.

My story had a project 2, which is essentially to stay back in kuwait longer. There’s been some good and promising progress, but a recent event is forcing me to change the plans and go back to the original one of Mango planting etc.  Though the altered plan is good, I have a deep sense of disappointment in having to abandon project 2. While it would have been good to keep me active, a compelling reason was to take care of the interests of close ones and that aspect is giving some heartburns.

Clearly a difficult choice forced on by a combination of stupidity from my side, interference by at least two others and drastic action by the one.

The book then has to climax on dreams. 

And there’s a task to make the post return plans involved and inclusive.

Challenges …… and like always I am seeking Your support ……

Challenges/ Clarifications……

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