The Power of Positivity ……

If a significant change was not given to me, I would have been in a really sorry state when something which was cherished most was rendered a rude shock.

And looks like I was prepared to take the shock by the same shock giving area. Like i mentioned innumerable times, i got introduced to being positive, that to be happy is most important, the secret, law of attraction and life sciences including a workout schedule.

As such I should be prepared to handle it. But there are a few personal traits still prevalent. One is the stubborn bastard. Then the desire to be dominated by one (only one) person.

And I carry certain adjectives already, like a nice guy, helpful and prepared to go an extra mile, empathetic, loving among a few.

So all good things, considering that the stubborn bastard is overshadowed when being submissive to the one.

That’s when the single act happened and the first thing that came up is the hidden stubbornness. I want it reversed. In return I will not use what is given back or will use it to the absolute minimum.

Given that, all the learnings and positivity is devoted to this achievement. That’s the law of attraction as the weapon. The universe will have to get it. 

While it’s on the job, I have a few more weapons. The most important is the stone of Aphrodite. I am a different person when in company of the stone. Don’t worry, on all positive things.

It’s the direct communication. This routine and ritual has taken me to the top of the pyramid. And it doesn’t end there. There’s a corresponding one which is the target location.

What happened in between is fit for a novel- a love story. So my book is a love story.

The best story is when you experience the pages. So I have to invoke life from childhood. Actually the present is giving the twists. True love, jealousy, villains, heartbreak, snubs, disgust, blocking everything is available.

Two clear villains are identified. They were in the story earlier also. And I explained that it’s not carpet bombing but due to my nature of encouraging people, I pay attention. Now it looks like they have identified their power to disturb the beauty of true love and convert to melancholy.

They seem to have acted together or in separate ways but in unison, one claiming my attention and other passing on posts to unwanted target.

Perfect villains in the love story. There will be more of their performances to make the story worthwhile. 

But I am positive, for I have the stone of Aphrodite. Aphrodite will not ignore what the stone communicates. And let me tell you a secret. I have used the PipCamera application to get my stone and other one into interlocking hearts. Beautiful……

By the way I have a new friend. This is a valuable addition and not to occupy any position. This one is so nice and petite to be preserved without disturbance of any sort. There’s an Aphrodite connection and an apt description ‘angelic’ which resembles a name forming a chapter in the book. 

That’s the first real infatuation which went wrong. Likewise in the present case, contact points were blocked but one was accidentally left open and message came ‘I am not dead yet’. There was no anger.

The chapters are unending in a love story and we don’t believe in tragedies.

So it goes on for that happy ending ……

The Power of Positivity ……

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