The Stone Connection……

That’s a beautiful house, a relation built with steps to Periyar river in Aluva, Kerala. It was the talk of the town and visitors frequented and I also went to see. 

The immediate thing attracted me was the colorful (mostly whitish) stones in perfect shape adoring the sides of the garden. ‘I collected them from the river in front of your house’ the house owner observed my interest.

His wife is from our family and from thidanad where I grew up. And most such stones were in plenty in my river. But I never looked at them this way. For me they were pebbles in my tracks when I used to run after the fish to make them tired and catch them with bare hands.

Now they are all gone. The white sand forming the river bed have been systematically stolen leaving mud and causing the river to dry up when it’s not raining. We used to have freestyle wrestling and it i used to stand on my head on the sand banks. Sharp pebbles now replaced the beautifully shaped ones which were washed and polished by the flowing crystal clear waters of my childhood days. 

I found them again in Cyprus when I went to Aphrodite’s Rock to pick up a stone as per the script. The stone thus plays a central character in my proposed book. And interestingly the stone connection started from childhood. And combining the childhood and the present through the stone, I have a story. The best of themes for a dreamer like me is love story.

I have plenty of infatuations and finally understood true love, by which time readers may think it’s too late. Here’s where my story is different and I hope there may be readers for it. 

Nothing is too late. For example we were all taught that there are 78 organs in a human body. But just yesterday the 79th has been discovered. The ‘mesentery’ will be in anatomy textbooks from now on. 

Last night we had visitors who were giving us Indian rupees for our immediate needs as we are traveling to Bangalore this evening. They just dropped off a common friend whose mother died at 99. One short of a century became the important discussion and there was mention of a hospital in our hometown. The computer there had two digits field for age, but now they have problems with many patients getting into three digits.

It’s good to see, but it has challenges. We need to plan for a long years to take care of after work years. The interest rates are falling and expenses inflation is growing.

Will I score a century? It’s possible. And it’s prudent to be prepared. 

Of course there are people like Peter Diomandis who in books like ‘Abundance, the future is not bad as you think’ talks about sound future.

But then imagine living for over 30 years more!! Well it’s not only money, we need other supports. That’s why I always talk about a ‘support ecosystem’. In modern day world your children are smarter than you and migrate to greener places. And you need people on the ground.

I have entered into pacts with my nieces, for example, that they will visit me in my old age. I have to be someone who they will like to visit. And I have to work on that.

Then I am justified in having someone who’s the one to be family, like a daughter. Here’s where the dreamer story comes in and you find true love. And if the loved one thinks about age difference, the immediate adjustment mode is next generation due to age difference.

And when I write the book, I am sure to struggle finding a balance and readable plot. But it can’t happen if connections are blocked, whether influenced by the two people who will figure in the book causing disruption.

But the gift has to arrive whether invoked through law of attraction or otherwise.

Story could have future plans. Project 2 is abandoned when support is dropped. Plans then move to Mango planting. But then you need identified successor as natural successors may not be available to continue to manage or interested..

The dream plan is to work on solutions. Right now I am, well I am stuck…… waiting for the gift……

The Stone Connection……

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