Somethings are Different……

One of the greatest joys is to spend time with the family. And the best is when you can include grandchildren in it.

Right now I am lucky to be spending 9 precious days with the best grandkids ever. You’re a hero once again!

But it’s certainly difficult to match their stamina. How do they get all these energy right into the midnight! 

But a short time is not good enough. A lot of good possibilities are to be sacrificed. For example, exposure to nature. Here’s where our childhood comes into focus.

Modern day kids are way smarter in most respects. But still there are certain things you can contribute. For example their exposure to nature could be mostly through videos, books or classrooms. Perhaps the elders can spend time to bring them face to face with nature. And the results, I believe, will be amazing. 

The reality though is that, one doesn’t get the kids for all what could be planned and implemented. For that one needs the involvement of the family. And in the modern world everyone is busy. 

That’s when one could look at a the possibility of an extended family. In this scenario someone or other could be on hand for planning something. 

This then can be extended further to friends, enhancing the availability and possibilities.

But then you like some people more than others and all the plans get into dependencies.

Any threat to dependency should be shortlived. Else it will create complications to plans. Especially such threats can be eliminated.

Plans involving family, extended family, adoption to family, close friends and with kids, focusing on nature would then benefit all. 

That would be a positive difference……

Somethings are Different……

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