I have had a few posts here where i pictured myself as in the happy but helpless state of Trishanku (Trishanku Swargam).

But now I am Trishanku but not in swargam (heaven). 

To refresh, Trishanku relentlessly prayed and tried to be among the goddesses and gods and managed something. A goddess took him in her stride (maybe), but you know, they’re busier than us humans and while giving Trishanku his own swargam somewhere in between heaven and earth, forgot the fact that Trishanku can’t move either way without her help.

I am in that predicament now. Worse, the hole I have been assigned by the goddess is no heaven. And I don’t know what to do. Again remember Trishanku is left hanging upside down……

The problem is of putting all eggs in one basket. When the basket has a problem all plans cease to exist. 

Interestingly I don’t regret putting all eggs in one basket. The simple reason is that the basket has no parallel. So no regrets.

The solution is simple. Reverse. The outcome of the reversal will not be used again. But reversals are a must. That could have been a Christmas gift, a New Years gift!! But should be now than late.

Casualties are project 2. The ultra high density Mango plan can go ahead, but going forward???

Trishanku is waiting……


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