Perhaps the most important in a life. And is there a relationship between responsibility and karma? I don’t really know what karma is, but I believe it’s the sum of all the goodness in you. Then karma is enhanced when you act on your responsibilities……

You have responsibilities to your family. That’s understood and many of us are good at it. But responsibilities don’t end there. The universe binds us with a string of responsibilities..

When someone is nice to you, you have an added responsibility. This is applicable both ways. The strongest relationship is between people in true love. True love can’t happen without both being responsible. Then both are responsible to be nice.

There will be mistakes on either side. But the responsibility makes you responsible to forgive. By simply blocking one is avoiding responsibility. You can do that to punish, but it can’t be prolonged, and if prolonged then you are running away from responsibility.

I would like to understand karma better. One of my friends added karma to ‘the alchemist’s’ assurance on universe working on everything to give you what you really really want. According to my friend, you get everything if karma is good.

I have been nice. Perhaps I have offended someone. And if so I want to make amends and be nice again to enhance my karma.

This is where I am stuck now. By putting all plans on to a dependency, I have sort of jeopardized most of those Plans. Either I have to abandon them and work afresh or wait for the responsibility on the other side to work and get back with them.

After all we are all looking for enhancing our karma.

Then you’re saying you don’t understand karma. 

Get up and work on it. 

And remember you have your coach……

And don’t forget, you are a dreamer. And you have the stone and Aphrodite……


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