Plans Rejig……

With no signs of being able to get back into the earlier plans, I may as well look into plan Bs. 

And when I look at it, plan Bs are required for almost everything. A proof of dependency that I have built around all of them……

Interestingly, I don’t regret any of the actions leading to such dependency. And the best case still is original plan and original people dependency . And getting back is not difficult, just two key strokes away.

Project 2 is the first casualty. Somehow I have a feeling that I can still pull it off, even though the first target is challenged by an appointment. But I can convince them of a requirement of my consulting services to sustain growth.

Project 2 was not entirely dependent on the above. Three other targets are identified and I should be in a position to land on at least one of them easily, especially with my performance related pricing alternative.

The question is whether I should continue in kuwait beyond April 2017. Here also the first dependency comes into focus, which right now is temporarily disabled.

I have a string of activities in the dreams, once I am back in india. One of them is getting back into the roots of the planter. 

The first of which is group activity of ultra high density Mango planting near Bangalore. Well the plan here is Mango on 2 out of the three acres with me. The third is in planning and may have vegetables or coconut trees leading to small scale manufacture of virgin coconut oil in it. And this land is planned for a unique inheritance to the one who’s interested in acquiring some sort of a property in and around Bangalore.

The other planting plan is in my home town in Kerala. Here my land has a curving river as boundary. I have sentimental attachment to this river. A check dam is built on my side of the river providing abundant water. 

The plan is to retain all the trees, plant more exotic fruit and spice trees and develop a well in the land into a tank acting as swimming pool and to grow fish in it.

Interesting aspect is that I may be able to do the planting plans as absentee farmer if project 2 is implemented. The decision has a simple but huge dependency……

I will cover other plans in later posts……

Plans Rejig……

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